Green initiatives

Sustainable development is one of primary concerns at Columbus Monte-Carlo. Signatory of the national energy transition pact, we are increasing our efforts on behalf of the planet.


Here are some examples of Columbus Monte Carlo’s Green initiatives:



  • A gentle reminder is placed in the bedrooms and bathrooms for our guest to help us save the planet by not changing the towels and bedding daily.
  • Eco-friendly dental and razor kits available on demand.
  • Recycling of soaps with a caritative organization SAPOCYCLE
  • Organic coffee in bulk or in biodegradable capsules by GREEN COFFEE MONACO
  • Organic tea in biodegradable packaging by OH MY TEA


We continually strive to reduce the use of single use plastics. In line with the Monegasque regulations, we no longer use plastic Q-tips or plastic straws at the bar, and we do not use single use plastic dishes or cutlery. As of January 2020, all small plastic bottled bathroom amenities have been removed and replaced with dispensers. Our glass water bottles can be returned.


Selective sorting of rubbish is carried out (paper, plastic, bulbs, glass bottles, organic waste in the kitchen). We also recycle and collect batteries and IT hardware. Columbus Monte-Carlo has a compactor for cardboard boxes and tries to recycle them wherever possible with our food and drink suppliers.


Tavolo has obtained the label “Committed Restaurant” (Restaurant Engagé) of the Prince's Government in recognition of our eco-responsible approach and our desire to further progress. Tavolo is committed to short-circuit local supply chains, waste reduction and recycling, and the fight against food waste.

All the dishes on our menu are crafted from fresh, local and seasonal ingredients, and you can ask for your "little box" (La Petite Boite Monaco) or bring your own container to take away what you cannot finish! We continually strive to reduce food waste by optimising serving sizes and menus.



Since 2012, Columbus Monte-Carlo is a ECOWATT AMBASSADOR in the PACA region. This means that we are engaged in this citizen-based eco initiative by reducing our electricity consumption following high-demand alert in the region Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur.


Columbus Monte-Carlo is connected to the SEAWERGIE network, one of the best examples of Monaco’s sustainable development policy.


The energy production plant is connected to the waste treatment plant and to an underground seawater pumping station built into the Fontvielle seawall. The Energy is supplied through insulated networks installed beneath the road reaching the connected buildings.


This CHP plant (combined heat and power plan) enables to recycle energy from waste in three ways, which is called the trigeneration principle  :

  • Electricity, partly reinjected into the grid
  • Hot water, supplied through two heating networks to heat buildings and produce domestic hot water. Regarding heating production, it saves 6000 tons of CO2 emissions every year.
  • Cooling water, supplied through a cooling network to cool service sector buildings, homes and factories.

Thanks to trigeneration, Monaco CHP plant is able to recycle energy from waste into cooling water for the city. This is particularly relevant in summer when both waste quantity and cooling demand are high. This has two main benefits : to reduce electricity consumption and supply energy recovered from local waste.


All 60 watt incandescent bulbs have been replaced with 11 watt bulbs. Motion sensors have been fitted on all 9 floors and in communal areas and all spotlights in the communal areas have been replaced with 6-watt LEDs.


  • Installation of anti-drip tap attachments in the 181 rooms.
  • Installation of water fountains for use by staff in order to eliminate water bottles
  • Installation of  flow reducers of showers and faucets to achieve a flow rate of not higher than 8l/mn



  • We encourage our employees to use the carpooling app KLAXIT
  • The movements of our customers and employees are facilitated by the proximity of a MONABIKE station.
  • We partner with the electric boat company LANÉVA BOATS to offer our clients a new approach to boat trips.


We are listed on WAYAJ, the first app designed to discover and book sustainable and socially responsible travel destinations from around the world.


  • Continuous training of staff on the impact of digital technologies, and creation of digital best practises
  • Continuous training of staff on waste separation
  • Green globe certification